[s-cars] Why I'm sick of Formula 1

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Tue Jun 22 09:59:40 EDT 2004

Very True indeed......the prancing horse just finally got back to a full
speed gallop in the mid-90's.   I don't claim to have been a fan since
their 79 championship ( i was 4 then) but many a sunday saw the McLaren
domination in the late 80's.

BTW how about SATO!!!!!!  I liked the guy when he brought his money to
Eddie Jordan's team but now with Honda and BAR things might be getting
interesting again.

I am a M. Shummacher fan, always have been since he lit it up with
Bennetton, but it can become a bit tedious watching him clean up for
the last 6-7 years I'll agree.  It's like Valentino Rossi in MotoGP,
you just have to tell yourself your witnessing probably the pinnacle of
talent in the sport during your lifetime.  Just my 2 cents.


Quoting DGraber460 at aol.com:

> Maybe some are too young to remember, but this isn't new. As a Tifosi
> I
> suffered through the years from '79, Ferrari's last championship
> before heading
> into a 20 year drought, to the current dominant era while Ferrari
> didn't pose a
> threat to anyone, and Brabham, Williams, Renault, and McLaren all had
> their
> days in the sun and ran away and hid from the field. If memory
> serves, Alan Jones
> clinched for Williams earlier than anyone else in history, relegating
> the
> rest of the season and teams to see who was the bridesmaid with a
> large number of
> races left on the schedule.
> Isn't Ferrari the only manufacuterer to race it's own cars in F1 for
> the last
> consecutive 50 years? They have paid their dues.
> I still find it exciting. If I want contrived and forced for TV
> competitiveness, so the also rans can catch up with mandatory pit
> stops, closed pit lanes,
> and long yellow flags, I'll watch Nascar.
> Is LeMans now boring because of Audi's dominance?
> Nothing personal  (no reply or flames necessary), but I didn't hear
> anyone
> complaining when Ferrari was losing for 20 years. Oh well- yeah I'm
> prejudiced.
> Just 20 years of surpressed frustration struggling to the surface.
> Thanks
> Dennis
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