[s-cars] Replacement clutch survey

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When I did my clutch at 120k miles the clutch had lots of meat left on it and 
the flywheel surface was very smooth. I got an OEM clutch for around $250 and 
simply cleaned the flywheel up with some emory cloth. I think the change in 
geometry of the pressure plate springs has more to do with slippage and a heavy 
pedal than actual wear of the disc. A new clutch feels really good on these 

Chad Tobin

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> All,
> My clutch has begun to slip on a regular basis, so I'm starting to plan
> its replacement.  It seems my car managed to dig up my buried wallet on
> its own...
> I know there are a number of discussions in the archives and some on the web 
> about this, but I'd like to get a view of what the current state of the 
> art is, and what the tradeoffs are between the various options.  
> To that end I'd like to pose a series of questions to listers who have 
> replaced their clutch.  I will summarize any responses that I get and make 
> them available for everyone.
> What clutch did you install?
> At how many miles?
> Did you replace the flywheel?  (With what?)  
> How did the original flywheel look?
> Would you install the same setup if you did it over again?
> How much did you pay for the materials?  Labor?
> Where did you get the kit?
> How does your current clutch differ from the OEM (if it is not OEM)?
> How long have you had it?
> How modified is your car?
> Thanks in advance for your input.  
> -Kevin
> '94 S4 MTM 1+

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