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> My X-Plug is leaking and I just picked up the replacement plug and
> O-ring from the dealer.  Any BTDT on the removal of old plug and
> installation of new?    It looks as thought the top banjo bolt will
> need to be removed to get the plug out.  What do you wrench the plug
> with?  Large flat screwdriver?  i have searched the audiworld forum and
> found that a "drag link" socket is mentioned.  WTH is it and does
> anyone have a part # or description I can use at my FLAPS?  thanks.
> john

NAPA part # NB95 is a large 3/8 drive screwdriver bit ,11/16 or so,  
(drag link socket)  It is popular due to low cost since you will not be 
wanting a full set of drag link sockets to go with the tool this 
"socket" fits into  --  a drag link.  This is an impact tool you hit 
with a hammer to transfer the impact to the socket  to hopefully turn 
the x-plug with the least damage and corresponding best chance of 
success without air tools and an impact driver, still using the same 
screwdriver bit since few folks have an x-drive socket.  Sears and 
other tool sellers should have the drag link impact tool (and hammer ) 
Have fun.

Tom 95 S6

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