[s-cars] Boost issues

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Wed Jun 30 17:05:03 EDT 2004

It was a beautiful day today so I decided to take the Audi to work.....
BIG mistake. Couldn't see more than 13psi peak, 10psi continuous
the gears, everything seemed okay at the time.

I didn't think it was anything serious until I got a CEL and the oil
temp (?!?)
started rising mysteriously, while the coolant temp was not.

Proceeded to limp the car off the highway, got the car to a safe
location when
steam came out from underhood- still coolant temp is around 2/3, oil
temp went
to 150C, shut the car off immediately.

Found a broken radiator neck, will be replaced soon, but what to make of
oil temp rise? The CEL was from the temp sensor, that's all I've found
so far.

Any thoughts? I wonder if there was some sort of problem that was
limiting boost,
or if I just have a leak somewhere.

AAA Plus is great- free 90mi tow!

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