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Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 2 09:35:58 EST 2004

Scott's numbers in Chicago do not equal ASW's numbers
in CO, or Gary's in CA...or any of the above on
different days, conditions, etc.

The best way to test a modification IMO is to have a
baseline, make one change and check your baseline,
whether that's on a dyno, down a 1/4 mile track with a
consistent driver, datalogging certain parameters or
looking at a bunch of needles jumping around.


--- QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:
> Gary:
> FYI, there are several of us vendor types that enjoy
> the reads of DIY, but 
> are bound by customer/tech status when it comes to
> 'data'.  I don't pay for 
> data, my customers do. Over the years on these
> lists, I have consistently and 
> clearly drawn the line between offering guidance on
> a forum, and business in my 
> shop.   If Hap or Mike want to share the data *they*
> paid for at ASW for 
> instance, it is totally their right, they bought it.
>  I have never seen Mike or Hap's 
> data on this list *provided* by ASW.  I find that a
> wise guideline. 
> What I can do however, is prompt some of the less
> wallet-savvy to possibly 
> collect their own data.  Although historically on
> these lists debates on how to 
> interpret collected data appears controversial,
> without question, the higher 
> the 'n' the clearer the objectives and conclusions.
> I jumped on this thread, Gary, cuz I see
> coat-tailing 2000+USD mods with 
> about the lowest 'n' data, with one of the highest
> HP:$ ratios.  Just advocating 
> and proposing that an informed list/buyer, is a good
> thing.  
> Scott Justusson
> QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
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