[s-cars]Re: NAC: multiple turbos, no intercooler

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Tue Mar 2 10:49:08 EST 2004

>  "steve powers" <steve at thepowers.net> writes:

> I took my 5 year old son to the Seattle Hot Rod Show on Saturday 
> night. We
> saw lots
> of cool custom street rods, including a select few Monster Garage
> transformations.
> Other than the numerous scantily clad hard bodies, the best thing I 
> saw at
> the show
> was a Pro Mod funny car. It was a 2001 Mercedes SL500 with 4 turbos. 
> Car
> weighed
> 1800 pounds and had an estimated 2500 HP! Had a pretty cool air intake
> system but
> not an intercooler in sight. The exhaust work was a thing of beauty.
> Here are some shots of it before the carbon air horn was done.
> http://www.galebanksengineering.com/Banks_FridayNight_021502-2.cfm
> Steve Powers

Currently it decorates the left rear corner of the Banks race shop.
For that application you don't need intercoolers, nor are they useful 
for a 5 second drag strip run.  Probably  doesn't have a radiator for 
the same reason.  If you want to specialize, there is a lot of cleaning 
up you could do to the URS- radiator, air conditioning, intercooler, 


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