[s-cars] ECS Stage II Squealing "Fixed"?

Cody Payne cpayne at bconnected.com
Tue Mar 2 11:50:19 EST 2004

	Just wanted to make a quick post to those who have had a
squealing issue with their ECS Stage II kit.  I have tried everything
from Anti-squeal compound on the back of the pads, OEM Porsche Dampeners
to tracking the hell out of them..which did work for about 2 weeks.
	Over the weekend I took another listers advice and used some
Copper anti-seize compound, removed the pads and applied a 1/16" layer
all the way around the vertical "edge" entire metal backing of the pad
and also removed and re-applied to the swinging metal pad restraint

About a 15-20 min job and I have not heard a squeal yet...TBD how long
it holds up.

Just a tip for those fellow "squealers" out there ;-)

ECS Stage II
Porterfield R4S Pads
Metal Brake Lines
Euro-A8 Brembo Rotors 314x30
ATE Super-Blue

Zimmerman Slotted
Mintex Reds
Metal Brake Lines


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