[s-cars]Re: NAC: multiple turbos, no intercooler

steve powers steve at thepowers.net
Tue Mar 2 12:29:54 EST 2004

> Currently it decorates the left rear corner of the Banks race shop.
> For that application you don't need intercoolers, nor are they useful 
> for a 5 second drag strip run.  Probably  doesn't have a radiator for 
> the same reason.  If you want to specialize, there is a lot of cleaning 
> up you could do to the URS- radiator, air conditioning, intercooler, 
> etc.
> Tom

yeah, that's what the website says. Comparing what I saw at the show with
what's on the website - it's clear to me that the website needs updating.
The car is much further along than the website would make you believe.

The guy at the booth says it will run this year. I see nothing to indicate

I can say I was impressed at the level of detail they went through, e.g.
braided lines, titanium chute tower, etc., but pink anodizing? Sheesh.


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