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I have always felt the goal of these lists was a bunch of amateurs get together to commiserate and share data to solve problems collectively that are more or less over their heads individually.  Fun and informative.  There are always those exceptional individuals who's heads stick above the crowd because they have the balls, brains, or cash to go further than the rest of us.  If those folks are generous, some of us less fortunate through job or genetics (I think I qualify as less fortunate in both areas being both broke and dimwitted), get to really enjoy the benefits.  Some poor schmuck at some point first bolted up all the RS2 stuff to his USA car at probably great expense and effort.  I just had to write a check for all the canned stuff.  
I salute that guy, because I never needed to *test* all this more or less canned stuff.  I suspect the IC is more or less canned also, but you have raised doubts.
You are advocating testing the IC, so let's try this your way:
How much are the 4 sensors, and the attendant gauges (bad, you need 4 people in the car to read them, inaccurately) and/or a software package (better, but more $$$) that will take snapshots of requested data (so you don't need 4 beer buddies to *help*)?  How much would an expert charge for the install?  None of the above is proprietary, and in fact someone so inclined could drive straight to your shop and have you do it.  Perhaps a range, Top-of-the-line vs. Ghetto install?
None of this is tongue in cheek Scott, it is a sincere request.  Please consider it in that context.
But I have to make a decision.  I will balance your costing information above with what I have from IC efficiency charts, CO Mafia dynographs and testimonials, and my own bill of materials for my own FMIC project (free to anyone who asks), and ASW's $2,000 price-tag.  I will then decide on the best course of action, and I will share it on the list.

Gary Lewis 

1995.5 S6 Avant, Green/Ecru, RS2 MAF, RS2 Exhaust Manifold, RS2 Injectors, Custom Turbo (K26 Turbine, Factory K26 Cold side (Audi Works '999' P/N) with 50mm intake and custom Innovative Turbo compressor wheel), TurboXS Type 25 Bypass Valve, Bilsteins, Eibachs, Big Reds, Spec II Clutch.


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	FYI, there are several of us vendor types that enjoy the reads of DIY, but are bound by customer/tech status when it comes to 'data'.  I don't pay for data, my customers do. Over the years on these lists, I have consistently and clearly drawn the line between offering guidance on a forum, and business in my shop.   If Hap or Mike want to share the data *they* paid for at ASW for instance, it is totally their right, they bought it.  I have never seen Mike or Hap's data on this list *provided* by ASW.  I find that a wise guideline. 
	What I can do however, is prompt some of the less wallet-savvy to possibly collect their own data.  Although historically on these lists debates on how to interpret collected data appears controversial, without question, the higher the 'n' the clearer the objectives and conclusions.
	I jumped on this thread, Gary, cuz I see coat-tailing 2000+USD mods with about the lowest 'n' data, with one of the highest HP:$ ratios.  Just advocating and proposing that an informed list/buyer, is a good thing.  
	Scott Justusson
	QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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