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Richard Tanimura richard at tanimuras.com
Tue Mar 2 14:39:15 EST 2004


Doesn't it look like they source their cams from Eurospec as well?

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Rich, I can't read the Swedish, but to me it looks like H.E. may be a
distributor for a lot of California based EuroSpec nee Overland parts stuff.

Compare Eurospec's info & parts list, at http://www.eurospecsport.com/ with
the parts, Carrillo Rods, JE pistons etc for stroker kits H. E. lists.  I
wonder where they source their cams (? Kamaaxlar) from and if they provide
any more information as to what one might expect to gain or lose, or even if
their "4V 5CYL HYD W/GEAR" PN#'s 010028 & 010029 are supposed to be used
with in the turbocharged AAN, ABY or 3B motors?

What kind of a mark-up (or down) do you find crossing the pond +Swedish
import tariffs etc. cost?


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