[s-cars] Destroyed wheel

Edward Estabrook eestabrook at syntheticnets.com
Wed Mar 3 17:33:38 EST 2004

End of last summer I managed to bend a wheel... so much so that it can't be
straigtened.  It's a 17x7.5 mille miglia Spyder.  Turns out these wheels
have been discontinued (and replaced with a similar but different version).
Where would the list recommend searching for one (used or otherwise)?  The
other 3 wheels are perfect, so I'd rather not have to buy another set of 4.

Also, does anyone know what the differences are between the new and the old
spyders?  Is it just cosmetic?  The guy at tire rack suggested buying two
and running different rims on different sides of the car (since no one could
see both sides at once).  Seemed a bit sketchy, but what do guys think?



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