[s-cars] Destroyed wheel

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Wed Mar 3 17:58:07 EST 2004

Bob writes:

> I have seen before/after photos of wheels - crunched wheels - 
> mangled wheels - which have been repaired which I would have 
> absolutely sworn were unrepairable.  Don't give up on 
> repairing the damaged wheel just yet.
> Try contacting Ye Olde Wheel Shoppe, Glen Bernie, MD, near 
> Baltimore.  It's just south of town and close to Rt. 1.  I'm 
> sure you will find them through a Google search or through 
> one of the telephone database lookup services.  I'd talk to 
> them before I just totally gave up.  Perhaps someone from 
> that area might provide a phone number and/or a better address.

Or try Rimpro (www.rimpro.com). Send them a picture of the wheel and they
might be able to tell you whether it's fixable. They did refuse to fix a
cracked UrS4 wheel for me, tho. 


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