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I just replaced this gasket 2 weeks ago.  Has my car been talking to

Replacing this gasket is really easy.  You just unscrew the big banjo
bolt that holds the bracket to the engine block, replace the paper
gasket, and reinstall the bolt.  

Of course, you need to drain all of the oil out of the engine before
removing the bracket, so you might want to wait until your next oil
change before replacing this gasket.

Other info:
Gasket cost: ~$2.50 at the dealer
Total time required: 10 minutes in addition to the time needed to drain
the oil.  
You need a 27mm socket for the bolt.
The bolt torque is 52 ft-lbs, IIRC.  Check Bentley to make sure.

'95.5 S6

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How hard is it to replace the oil filter bracket seal?  I took the
crossover tube out last night to see how much oil collects in these
things.  In reading previous threads it seemed like a lot would be in
there, but there was just trace evidence of oil.  Anyways with the tube
out I noticed that my oil filter bracket had been leaking slightly
probably since day one.  Not enough to actually drip down, but just
enough to collect all over the bracket.  If it's easy I'd like to do
if it's not I'll just leave it until it becomes a valid problem.

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