[s-cars] Update on my 20V motor with pictures (Ned, Mihnea, et al)

joeamund joeamund at online.no
Thu Mar 4 09:59:28 EST 2004

Intake is a Heinz Lehmann special cast made specially for the Sport 
quattro(SQ) with a special adapter plate for the water outlets as seen on the 
pics. The original SQ had water passages cast into the intakemanifold.

Cylinderhead is original Sport Quattro with the same chamber volume same as 
the regular 20V head but smaller intake runners. Camshafts are with chain and 
should have been with gears if it had been the original SQ and mechanical 
lifters.SQ also used studs on the head not the torque-bolts.

Piston and block is stock Sport Quattro from what I can see on the pics. 
Engine code should be KW if it is the real thing in aluminium and worth a lot 
of money. Compression ratio is 8.0:1 +/-0,3 and the bore 79,5 is identical to 

The extra machined grooves around the cylinders and on the cyl head is unique 
for the sport Quattro engine and suppose to improve cooling which is a problem 
on these due to lower quality on the aluminium used the as opposed to the 
never 20V casting.

Owners of original Sport quattros could have this modification by Lehman some 
years ago(and it costed a lot), which included new intake plus spacer, ported 
and polished head, new stainless tubular header and bigger KKK27 turbo with 
smaller exhaust housing, giving the original 306 hp motor a boost to 420 hp. 
This was done without doing anything to the injectors or L-Jetronic ECU, but 
boost was raised from 1,0 barg to 1,3 barg.

So to summarize James, what is on the pictures is worth a LOT of money for 
those who looks for this for their toys...

Best regards Joern,MTM RS Avant

>===== Original Message From James Bufkin <jbufkin at austin.rr.com> =====
>The head doesn't appear to be a stock 3b head.  It matches the block in
>machining.  I saw no issues with the block, cylinders or liners.  The head
>looked fine as well, except for some oil accumulation in the intake more
>than likely from the turbo.   The pistons are definately low compression
>with overall smaller displacement.  Engine used Head Bolts (from what
>appears to be a 10V with taller threads) not studs.  The head gasket was a
>I'm going to replace with ARP head bolts and metal head gasket.   Current
>plan is to reinstall the rebuilt RS2 Comp turbo and then seek changes to
>the ECU based on the exact Compression Ratio.
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