[s-cars] Update on my 20V motor with pictures (Ned, Mihnea, et al)

James Bufkin jbufkin at austin.rr.com
Thu Mar 4 10:49:02 EST 2004


Thanks for the reply!  Appreciate it a great deal.
My problem with the motor seems to be the homologation of 3b cams, 3b ECU 
to this block and head.  Its bizarre, but that low compression would create 
low power output would it not?

I understand what you mean the intake casting and the aluminum adapter 
plate to make it mount to the head.  This intake has one injecter per cylinder.

Are you saying the Engine is a Sport Quattro block and Head (from the 
street car?)  Or is it more of an Audisport product.  I'm confused cause 
you mention that original sport quattro owners could have this modification 
done by Lehman.  Did Lehman machine the groves for those blocks which 
weren't so machined?   Also were all aluminum blocks so lined?

My car was making 1.7bar of boost and producing 182 wheel horsepower.

Austin TX

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