[s-cars] Update on my 20V motor with pictures (Ned, Mihnea, et al)

joeamund joeamund at online.no
Thu Mar 4 14:13:00 EST 2004

James,let me clarify my wiev from the pictures:

The engine block including pistons as seen and the cylinder head looks to me 
100% like the original street engine for the sport quattro(see my other reply 
on the numbers). It could be some Audi Sport product as well since they had 
three(at least) versions of the alu block, one with cast iron liner-one 
without liner and one without liner but treated with nicasil as the never 
engines are. But since the engine serial number is KW 000 085 i would think it 
was the street engine. Anyway it does not matter it is unique in all ways!

The water grooves are original as is the unique holes in the block and 
cylinder head in order to improve cooling which was a problem those days. This 
is  due to weak alloy and they had to cast it with thicker walls which 
resulted in poorer cooling(too much material between the water and combustion 
chamber reducing heat transfer). That is why this engine is so special, even 
though it physically looks alike from the outside compared to a regular 
S4/S6/RS2 20V engine. All the internals on the Sport quattro engine are 
totally different and all rally-racing derivates.

What I say on the intake manifold and spacer between this manifold and the cyl 
head is that this is Lehmann stuff. The spacer serve only one purpose and that 
is to lead water out of the cylinder head and not into the intake manifold as 
the original motor was constructed. Lehmann supplied both single and twin 
injector conversions mainly due to the availiability of large enough single 

Put it this way :those who had a original sport quattro took out the original 
motor, delivered it to Lehmann who took it apart and blueprinted the 
internals. Then they installed a new intake+spacer+tubular header+KKK27 turbo 
and voila 420 HP for the street. The low compression will give you big mid 
range torque when properly set up with the right turbo.

I do not know what kind of exhaustmanifold or turbo you are using James, but 
this engine is capable of a lot more than 180 whp. I would step up a bit on 
the cams however.

I would suggest a Autronic SM2 engine management system with a wide band O2 
sensor. But the best would be to put away this unique power plant and go with 
a RS2'ed new type 20V engine. On the alloy engine if you brake a cylinder head 
or block it is almost impossible to repair unless you are well connected in 
Lichtenstein or Audi sport.

reg Joern,MTM RS Avant

>===== Original Message From James Bufkin <jbufkin at austin.rr.com> =====
>Thanks for the reply!  Appreciate it a great deal.
>My problem with the motor seems to be the homologation of 3b cams, 3b ECU
>to this block and head.  Its bizarre, but that low compression would create
>low power output would it not?
>I understand what you mean the intake casting and the aluminum adapter
>plate to make it mount to the head.  This intake has one injecter per 
>Are you saying the Engine is a Sport Quattro block and Head (from the
>street car?)  Or is it more of an Audisport product.  I'm confused cause
>you mention that original sport quattro owners could have this modification
>done by Lehman.  Did Lehman machine the groves for those blocks which
>weren't so machined?   Also were all aluminum blocks so lined?
>My car was making 1.7bar of boost and producing 182 wheel horsepower.
>Austin TX
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