[s-cars] Windshield replacement.

Aaron aaront at cox-internet.com
Thu Mar 4 19:04:07 EST 2004

Take a close look around the body / edge of glass area for scratches 
(maybe take some picts) before the work on it.  The monkeys who did my 
rear glass managed to do some scratching getting the old glass out. 
 There was not much I could do as "those scratches where there when we 
They also cut the rubber on the cover piece below the front glass (this 
they admitted to doing)
Be careful - my experience has been the guys are in a hurry and DGAS.

Robert Myers wrote:

> Hi Y'all,
> I have an appointment for tomorrow (Thursday) morning to replace a 
> cracked windshield on my urS6.  (Caught a rock during a snowstorm a 
> couple of months ago.)  My inclination at this moment is to accept 
> only glass with the four ring logo on it.  Are there other acceptable 
> substitutes?
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