[s-cars] Update on my 20V motor with pictures (Ned, Mihnea, et al)

Ned Ritchie Q at IntendedAcceleration.com
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I've looked at most of your pictures with a view to identifying some

One item is that the exhaust manifold may not be an RS2, but appears to
be the predecessor to it.  I imported 10 of the predecessor from Lehmann
in 1991/92.  Notice that the holes for mounting the manifold do not
appear to be spot faced like with the RS2, and probably does not have
the RS2 part number.

Another item that I cannot see in any picture is the Driver's side rear
of the block.  There was the aluminum block Sport Quattro, and then the
special alloy Lehmann aluminum block without the 2" crankcase breather
hole.  The group B rally cars used the Lehmann aluminum block, that were
cast from Lehmann's patterns.  The ones that I've seen were painted red.

The original aluminum block could not hold tight the threads of the
bolts under heat and allowed the head gaskets to leak water.  The owner
would push the car hard and the engine would loose water.  Get out and
let it cool a minute and there was no leak to be found.  These were
replace with cast iron blocks.  To use up the aluminum blocks they ended
up in low power normally aspirated cars usually in eastern European
countries!  You could find KW blocks around, but they cannot be used
reliably with high horse power applications.  You must find and use the
special Lehmann manifold.  The only spare one that I know of is in the
basement of Hohnester's shop.


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The head doesn't appear to be a stock 3b head.  It matches the block in 
machining.  I saw no issues with the block, cylinders or liners.  The
looked fine as well, except for some oil accumulation in the intake more

than likely from the turbo.   The pistons are definately low compression

with overall smaller displacement.  Engine used Head Bolts (from what 
appears to be a 10V with taller threads) not studs.  The head gasket was

I'm going to replace with ARP head bolts and metal head gasket.
plan is to reinstall the rebuilt RS2 Comp turbo and then seek changes to

the ECU based on the exact Compression Ratio.


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