[s-cars] Radio Code

Doug Landaeta landaeta1 at comcast.net
Fri Mar 5 00:37:05 EST 2004

I had to also document my ownership of the vehicle

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> > Battery was disconnected for unrelated
> problems, and now my Radio is in
> > "safe" mode...  I have called two dealers, and
> both want me to bring my
> > radio in to have it recoded...  Well, not only
> do they want my money it
> > is just a hassle considering I was told given
> the VIN the code could be
> > looked up, well, does anyone work at a dealer,
> or know if this is true,
> That probably varies from dealer to dealer.  I
> recently had the need for the
> radio code in my 91 100......recently bought it
> and had no codes.  All I did
> was call the dealer, gave them the VIN and they
> called back in a few minutes
> with the radio code.........no hassle, nothing
> suggested about them doing it
> or charging for the service
> John Gourley

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