[s-cars] LAC friday joke.. :o)

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--- Bjørn_Eirik_Ødegård
<Bjorn.Eirik.Odegard at roxar.com> wrote:
> A guy goes to a nightclub and when the bouncer won't
> let him in the guy
> asks, "Why not?"
> "Because you"re not wearing a tie," says the
> bouncer.
> "But I have come all the way from the other end of
> town," says the guy.
> "Sorry mate, that's the rules," says the bouncer.
> So the guy goes back to his car to try and see if he
> can find a tie or
> something like one. He finds a set of jumper cables,
> ties them around
> himself, and goes back to the club.
> "Is this all right?" he asks the bouncer.
> "Well, all right then," replies the bouncer. "But
> I'll be watching you -
> don't start anything!"
> Sorry.. But it _was_ at least auto related.. ;o)
> Have a nice weekend!!
> Bjorn :o)
> '92 S4 MTM
> '96 Cabrio
> +some Toyotas
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