[s-cars] Pearl white touch up paint?

Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Sat Mar 6 13:43:25 EST 2004

If you can find a dealer who mixes up lacquer, then yes.  However, with
two part catalyzing paints popular these days, you would not be able to
mix and leave indefinitely.  Also, you need three mixes, the undercoat,
the pearl coat, and the clear coat.  Still, one could buy a pint of


Doug Landaeta wrote:
> No solace on the small vial availability, but
> maybe next time I need bodywork (which has been
> about annually), I can get the mixed stuff and
> package up some stockable vial for us. I imagine
> the mix for the touch up would be slightly
> different than the actual sprayed paint, maybe
> more thinner, or thicker, I dunno.
> But the shop matched my Pearl very well last
> November. I understand it takes patience and trial
> and error, waiting for it to dry before assessing
> the correct pigment.
> Everyone's approx 10 year fade might be different,
> so the vials idea might not work out.
> Oh yeah, I use a little of the wif's nail polish
> to keep water out and seal any deep chips.
> Doug L
> 94 S4 Pearl over Ecru
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> > Does anyone know of an alternative to the NLA
> > small bottles of touch up
> > paint for the early pearl cars, '92-94 S4? It
> > sucks that Audi stopped
> > producing the small OEM vials of paint as it
> > worked/matched really well.
> > Someone has to have knowledge or experience with
> > this as I know I'm not the
> > only anal one on this list who hates to see rock
> > chips on front of the
> > car:-) TIA,
> >
> > Chad
> >
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