[s-cars] Help! Timing Belt Gone-Now What?

steve powers steve at thepowers.net
Tue Mar 9 00:22:27 EST 2004

Mine let go at speed due to dealer's improper reinstallation of
alternator bracket. The serpentine belt drug the alternator through the
timing belt cover and belt. 16 valves, 1 head and 7 weeks later it was
nearly back to normal. They paid without my having to ask.

That's what prompted me to "fix" the rest of the engine.

Steve Powers
RS2++ Avant

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>  Mike's issue sounds a bit more severe than the CT problem.  
>  The CT engine had two bent values, almost invisible marks on 
>  the head where the pistons contacted it, and no visible 
>  damage to the tops of two pistons - with the valves removed, 
>  I couldn't tell which cylinders had been "injured".  VERY 
>  minor.  His complaints, IMHO, were a bit overstated, and he 
>  should have just let the dealer repair the car.  Listers can 
>  be anti dealer, and the list fed the fire.  Mike's car, on 
>  the other hand, sounds like maybe the belt let go at speed?
>  Mike, if I were you, I would get someone to get that head 
>  off and see what you have.  Once you see how much damage is 
>  there, you can decide how hard you want to fight to get the 
>  dealer to take care of it.  In the CT case, the car never 
>  left the dealership, so there was no doubt about where the 
>  fault should lie.  There the argument was what level of 
>  repair was necessary to restore the car to good mechanical condition.
>  Tom
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>  What's Phil Long said they will, or won't do about the 
>  failure so far?
>  Last, but not very encouraging, for some east coast BTDT, 
>  you can try a trip back through the list archives for a blow 
>  by blow description of a very unhappy Connecticut Doctor, I 
>  think he was a neuro surgeon, travails with his dealer who 
>  had a similar experience.  Any one recall the fellows name 
>  or email address to simplify the search?
>  mike
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>  Hello everyone,
>  Last week my local dealer, Phil Long Audi in Colorado 
>  Springs replaced the timing belt on my '93 S4. On Sunday, 
>  with less than 50 miles since the repair, the belt shredded 
>  and probably lunched the motor. I need some BTDT on how to 
>  force the dealer to cover the repair. Suggestions?
>  TIA,
>  Mike Cancellier
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