[s-cars] Snub nose mount?

James Shackelford 93UrS4 at RoverShack.com
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The snub mount is at the very front, slightly to the left (EM side).  If you
look down from above, it is connected to the front of the engine, directly
behind the radiator.  The other two mounts are regular engine mounts.  The
snub mount restricts for and aft movement of the engine.


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Cheers James,
Silly question, which mount is it? There are 2 listed at the front, 1 on
left, 1 on right. I think I see the right one easily enough, its in free
space on the inlet manifold side.


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I bought the one from ECS, and yes it is the APR sunb mount (the front motor
mount).  Quite an improvement over the stock mount.  Limits engine movement
much more than the stock mount.  It was very easy to install. 
You will need a large hex socket (I don't remember the size).  There are
three bolts that connect the mount to the engine block, take these out. 
Then take out the bolt that connect the turbo cross-voer tube to the mount.
Fit the new mount and reverse.  I think it took me all of fifteen minutes.


> Noticed on the ECS website there's something called a APR snub nose 
> mount, I take it this is a replacement for the front engine mount?
> Is it any good?
> How does it fit?
> Do you disassemble the OEM mount ?
> Cheers
> Trev.
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