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> Even so, a VE claim of 348% seems pretty high, ... and it gets higher if
> you bump up the driveline loss adjustment (.83), i.e. 361% at 80% etc.
I assume VE is Volumetric Efficiency!

If so ... I believe the VE (Volumetric Efficiency) is independent of boost by 
definition ... I assume you guys are trying to calculate a "Virtual" VE ... 
which could be defined as VVE.

So with a Ve of 83% and 2.5 bar absolute pressure the VVE = ....

I think we could claim our 2.2 liter engines have a "Virtual" displacement of 
5.3 liters at 2.5 bar absolute ... but claiming it had a 5.3 liter 
displacement would be incorrect.

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Feico van der Laan

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