[s-cars] driveshaft woes

Doug Landaeta landaeta1 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 15 22:34:44 EST 2004

Dads Auto Supply?

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> Subject: [s-cars] driveshaft woes
> OK, in addition to the center bearing carrier
> assembly, I need a new center
> U-joint on my driveshaft.  The CV joints at each
> end are bone dry, too, but
> it sounds from the list that repacking with
> grease usually brings them back
> to life.
> So given that at a minimum I need the U-joint
> and a center bearing carrier
> (not available, would need to fabricate with BMW
> part or send old one out to
> have a new center bonded in), plus the
> driveshaft would need to be
> rebalanced after installing a new U-joint, is it
> worth pursuing, or should I
> just bite the bullet and get a replacement Audi
> driveshaft?
> No point doing lots of legwork and figuring out
> how to make that BMW part
> work if all the shop charges are going to add up
> to the cost of a new
> driveshaft anyway!
> Any suggestions on sources for the driveshaft?
> Varon
> 95 urS6 not quattro at the moment
> P.S. My wife had a great idea... just leave the
> driveshaft off and have the
> worlds only FWD S6!  Horrid thoughts of welding
> the Torsen solid briefly
> flashed through my mind!  Ahhhhhh!

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