[s-cars] Audi gods strike back

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 21 22:30:47 EST 2004


Were your replacement CV boots OEM or aftermarket? If they have both cracked
after one year I would suspect substandard materials.

The cheapest fix for the fuel line leaks is to replace the fuel lines with
the equivalent diameter galvanized steel tubing or hard plastic fuel line
tubing. BTDT with galvanized steel.


Fred Munro
'94 S4

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So, this morning, I went to my routine oil change with service#1, an
half an hour easy job. Everything went well until, when the fumoto valve
and oil filter was dripping, I started my usual inspection under the
car: Yeaaaak!
- The two front outer CV boots are cracked open. They are only one year
old and they were looking ok at the last oil change two month ago.
- The high pressure fuel line is leaking inside one of the rubber-metal
clamp. This one is more normal on a car which spent 8 years above the
snow belt but just add to the yeaaaaak!
So, three questions:
- Any other reason the two CV boots cracked open after only one year and
in the same 2 month interval than Audi gods are really mad at me?
Besides, is it ok to drive the car as is for a week before replacing the
boots? The CVs still have plenty of grease. The boots apparently cracked
when I was manoeuvring for the lift as there is no grease on the wheels.
- I used 1/4" aluminium tubing and compression fittings to repair the
leaking section of the high pressure fuel line, then the two leaks I
created during the repair of the first one. Now, the badly rusted part
of the line is gone but I'm concern about the compression fitting and
the pliable aluminium tubing. Can I consider this as a permanent repair
or is it just a patch which will blow open within a few weeks or month?
- The three fuel lines really look like they feel for sending fuel
everywhere except in the engine or fuel tank within a very short time.
There is the easy solution: travel between the bank and the stealer with
two armed bodyguard and get three brand new Audi fuel lines. Is there a
more affordable solution?

The mechanic I rent the lift to suggested rustproof grease all over the
fuel line and inside the clamp. I don't know how long it will stay there
but open the clamp, apply grease and close the clamps is a 20 min job so
I strongly suggest this solution to everyone who start to have rust on
the fuel lines. Now, if you have badly rusted lines, don't touch the
clamps! You'll probably start a leak just looking at them, BTDT.

Vincent, preparing for more elbow and CV grease next week, F.

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