[s-cars] Re: More on FM Modulator

Charles Baer charlie at dcsi.com
Wed Mar 31 18:43:59 EST 2004

Brian Powell wrote:

> Here is how to wire in auxiliary inputs if you do NOT have an existing 
> CD changer:
> <http://home.comcast.net/~jbipes/ttr/auxin.html>

Ok, he opened the head chassis and tapped in to the pre-fader line level PC
traces.  If my aunt was dying to have an addition to the giant oval 
thing in the
dash of her Taurus I might do something like that. ;-)

Still searching for the method used at the CD plug, but...

I only chimed in as a followup to the previously started thread, to 
answer this
question of  "can we do a plug'n'play line input with an aftermarket CD".  A
handy piece of knowledge for the next urS owner whose changer dies, but not
something making me lose sleep.

If I get time, I may do some more testing with my unused radio.  I've 
that the plugs in some of the links posted aren't configured the same as 
the three
on the back of my Gamma and Delta units.  Even if I get something working it
may not work with the newer systems, but who knows.


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