[s-cars] Re: Fw: [SOS-cars] need help - S6 electrical problem

Tim Leonard nard1 at voyager.net
Wed Mar 31 23:37:00 EST 2004

Replace the switch.
Fart sensor? Not on a German car. Flatulant Evacuant System (FES) would be
more likely.

Tim Leonard

> My 93 S4 also does this while the switch is in the closed position. It
> will tilt one notch open for no apparent reason.  I find that if you put
> your thumb over the 4 slots aft of the switch, the sunroof will close
> and everything seems to be ok again.  I am assuming that these slots are
> some kind of sensor that opens the roof when it detects something in the
> air inside the car.  Maybe it is a fart sensor and the car is trying to
> clear the air to make driving more pleasurable.  All kidding aside, I
> can see this on a Lexus but not on a German car.  So does anyone know
> the reason for this feature?
> Jerry

> >>About a month ago my sunroof began to power open by
> >>itself when I started the car.
> >>

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