[s-cars] VW R32

Dan B danberar at hotmail.com
Thu May 6 22:57:35 EDT 2004

Unfortunately it looks like a Civic.

R32 is overpriced IMHO. It seems to
me that the Evo is the best combo of
the things u r looking for...just 
delete that rice spoiler and you're
good to go.

Mini Cooper S with the Works would
be good alternative, cheapest BMW
you can buy. I am 6'4" and of all
the CARS I sat in at the auto show,
that one fit me the best.


Dan B

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Had a go in a UK spec r32 some time ago, honestly its not that great. Under 
all that stuff is still a flabby mk4 golf.
Yeah the engine is peachy, tuning potential is limited.
Yeah its 4wd, but its not permenant.

A respected UK mag took a Mk5 TDI & the r32 for a comparison. Guess which 
won? If it we're my money i'd wait for the mk5 GTi. The rumor is the mk5 
will take VW back to the great hot hatch days of the mk1 (rabbit & mk2 

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Hey guys

I work as a Nissan tech right now. We also have a VW
store.  We have 3 R32s in stock right now that I know
of and have had and sold others.  They mark them up
$1500 over the $29k base price and I think the only or
nearly only option is cloth instead of leather seats.
I'd go for cloth myself.

They look great in blue and silver.  The red is a bit
too much.

I think I need to get a plate slapped on one and try
the R32 but if I like it I'm in trouble.  How could I
not like it?

As an employee I can get a new car for $100 over cost.
  Wonder if it would be $100 over plus $1500?  Good
thing (not really) I'm not in the market for a new
car.  The old S4 has to keep going for a while more.


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