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Postupack, Jeff Jeff.Postupack at analog.com
Fri May 14 12:33:17 EDT 2004

Oval eh?  
Now that will rattle Scott Taylor's noodle.
Yer' right about Ground clearance.  should not let it drop any more.
And Sir Paul K.
Bravo! applause..  or should I say Brah-vOh! for your reply to day.

That's right, I recall last year, Paul, Ray, Pizzo chasing each other -> Stebro on point, followed by Stromung, then Stromung on point chasing Stebro. With the auditioners head and ears out the window in some kind of crazed audio test only a gear head would enjoy!

Nope, didn't let me down a bit. Gotta admit, I didn't go that far and should.


From: steve powers [mailto:steve at thepowers.net]
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Want to advance SOTA? Think of going to an oval to get the flow while
keeping your ground clearance. I do like my Stromung, but can't see giving
up any more clearance.


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Thanks for the favorable reply Emre from your buddy. He works at Shokan, and
raves about the system.
And his father does in fact own an S6 with 12K miles on it!

Let me qualify my rant yesterday. I was a bit bolt with my claims.

Stromung is _really_ great for MTM Stage 1 , IA Stage III, and RS2 type
I think it complements the car really well, adds to the performance
envelope,  and is not annoying at all.
(Of course, I am half deaf too!)

As Trevor points out though, (circa 4/2/04) you really should tune the
chipset WITH the Stromung in place, to be on target for mxture settings.

Beyond that, in the territory of HAP, MIkeP, Cody, Trevor, Brian B, Bob
Pastore and many others,
I think even the Stromung RSS would be insufficient.

One guy I exchanged email with in Chicago, was talking about a tubular EM,
and custom DP to mate to the Stromung section #2, and #3.   Then I read last
week on the 20V Kruemmer list, a tubular already exists.

FWIW, for high end territroy, Stromung would be interested in advancing the

Jeff Posto


From: Emre Washburn [mailto:yumyjagermiester at hvc.rr.com]
Sent: Fri 5/14/2004 12:15 AM
To: Postupack, Jeff; s-car-list at audifans.com
Subject: Re: [s-cars] RE: Stebro

You guys can all rant about your Stebros (Bill), or just stay in denial
(Paul), but no ones exhaust sets of parked cars alarm systems like my
Scorpion :-(
3" turbo back with no mid-muffler can make a LOUD system. At full boost, it
would put any Rice Boys fart can to shame :-\
Luckily, I was offered a used Stromung, by our Stromungmeister, Jeff
Postupack (Jeff, I can't wait to pick it up!).
When I told my friend that the latest Stromung GB was coming to a close, he
contacted Jeff and bought 2 of the last 3 exhausts that were available, one
for his 92 S4, and the other for his fathers sweet 12k mile (not a typo!) 95
S6. Thank god his brother-in-law is going to buy my Scorpion ;-)
My buddy recently installed the system, and let me tell you, the latest
production run is so QUIET for a 3" system! You hear the turbo spool and
motor rev over the tiny note put out of the tail pipe, just enough to let
you know its still there.

Stromung is the way to go fellas!

92 S4

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From: "Bill Clancy" <clancybill at yahoo.com>
To: "Postupack, Jeff" <Jeff.Postupack at analog.com>; <s-car-list at audifans.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 11:10 PM
Subject: Re: [s-cars] RE: Stebro

> ya, the loud exhaust was cool in high school...
> I bought the S6 because it was a fast luxury sedan, not because I wanted
> 83 Camaro w/two extra doors.   The Stebro exhaust has ruined my car.
> been looking around for a custom shop to "fix" my new exhaust system.   I
> hate having to fix and pay twice.
> Never drive at 2600-3000?   Try driving up neighborhood hills at 25 mph in
> 2nd gear -- real annoying.   And  I can't even cruise quietly on the
> anymore.   I have to put back in 4th to bring the RPM to a range where the
> exhaust shuts up.
> F--- Stebro.
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> From: "Postupack, Jeff" <Jeff.Postupack at analog.com>
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> Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 4:27 PM
> Subject: [s-cars] RE: Stebro
> Stebro V Stromung.
> Bill, don't believe Paulie.  That Stebro  is not boomy to Paulie 'cause
> half deaf anyway.
> Plus it hangs so low you'd think it _was_ 'well hung'.
> Maybe he likes it that way!
> That system resonates at 2800 rpm like a tympani in Symphony hall.
> I am clearly biased because well, everybody knows that! Stromung's all I
> The Stromung RSS is, THE best step in exhaust upgrades. That improved free
> flow downpipe, center and rear muffler are a straight shot from turbo to
> tail. It's all stainless, including the freakin flanges.
> We'll have to have a sound off at S Fest qnd let The People decide.  Like
> those Boom car guys rip subs.
> Jeff Posto
> es-car-go Stromung zenophile
> PS: Now I'm going to get blasted cause Paul won't let this lie, now will
> Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 15:15:42 -0400
> From: "Krasusky Paul (WQQ2PXK)" <WQQ2PXK at ups.com>
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> Bill Clancy Resonated:
> <<<Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 11:41:43 -0700
> From: "Bill Clancy" <clancybill at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: [s-cars] bad cats
> FWIW  -- I am very disappointed with the Stebro exhaust.   It's loud at
> idle, and has an annoyingly loud resonance between 2600-3000 RPM.   I
> phone tag with them for a while -- attempting to get them to offer a
> solution (such as a different muffler) but I could never get a live person
> on the phone.>>>
> Hmmmm...  2,600-3,000 is where on the tach again?  Er, sorry my Stebro
> rarely plays that range of 'symphony' so I can't say.
> Mine sounds GREAT to me, albeit at significantly 'higher' RPM, day in day
> out.  And this is mit wife and 18 mo old (who BTW calls me daddy vroom
> vrroom, wonder why?) in the car, she don't complain.
> Rev it up a bit maybe?  8-)
> Dare I say it sounds better than the Stromung unit? (been awhile since
> donned the Flame Suit, let 'er rip).  Yup, I said it, I dared diss the
> everloved Stromung.  Buthey, the Stebro sounds much more refined, tuned,
> etc.  Yup, there I go, doing it again.  Whoops.
> Seriously, it gets better with age (not sure how long you've had it), it
> packs down a bit, and sounds better when it heats up.  It is a bit loud at
> idle, which I thought would be loud when 'on' it, but behind the car I can
> barely hear it in front of me (driving).
> Dig mine, but that's caraaaaaaaaaaazy me.  I know what you're saying about
> getting them on the phone, but persistence paid off for me and I was
> able to get someone, just a matter of effort (annoying, but heh)...
> Sean , mine smells like that too @ 128k, chronic Mobil 93 was the biggest
> contributor.  Sunoco is less odoriferous, but the 1+ programming likely
> some to do w/ it is my guess.  Who cares really...  other than da wife
> forbade me from backing into the garage ever again?
> -Paulie Stebronut
> CT
> '95 file://S6 3k rpm?
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