[s-cars] S4/S6 brakes

Bill Clancy clancybill at yahoo.com
Sun May 16 16:47:52 EDT 2004

thanks for the info.

I'll get to work on it and see if I can improve the feel and stopping power.

thanks, I'll let you know if I am successful.

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Ooh, another thought just after hitting "Send": The rubber brake lines might
be bubbled and ready to let go. Your symptoms are similar to symptoms I had
with air in the lines, and to symptoms another time just before I burst a
rear line. Please be sure to check the rubber lines both visually and by
feel to be sure there are no hernias on the brake lines.
-Ian Duff.
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Sounds like maybe some air in the lines. Pressure bleed out all the stuff in
there, replacing it with something good like ATE or Motul. By replacing by
pressure bleed, you'll be pretty sure it's not the fluid, and it won't hurt
to have all new fluid in there, to boot. HTH -Ian Duff. -----Original
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OK... I promise not to rant about the bad brakes.   But I would like some

I think my car has unusually bad brakes.   I am not looking for brakes for
the race track.  I just want ordinary brakes like I find in any average car.

Here are the symtoms.
Pedal feels muddy
There seems to be a slight delay when applying the brakes (occasionally
almost causing me to rear someone) It takes extra pedal pressure to stop the

If I slam on the brakes, the anti-lock works (if needed) and the car will
stop just as well as any other car..using medium pedal pressure.

Other data points:
Changing the front pads with new ones makes almost no difference at all.
Changing the rear pads will give me back great brakes, but only for a week
or so while they wear in.   Then I am left with shitty brakes again.

I almost feel like the master cylinder is defective.   maybe it engages the
rear first and wears them out, leaving me with glazed rear pads.

Do any of the symptoms above sound familiar?   Is this what others
complained about leading to bigger calipers and rotors?

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