[s-cars] Died on I4, now no-start

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Mon May 17 17:22:04 EDT 2004

> On Monday, 17 May 2004, FabryceAhartmann-motorsports.com wrote:

> The timing belt should have a cover on it,.., If the serpentine belt 
> has
> done so much damage as to breaking that cover and knocking the timing 
> belt
> off...
> I would PREPARE  to spend allot more money $$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!
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>> Talked to my mechanic and he said the serpentine belt broke.  The 
>> broken
>> belt knocked the timing belt off.  His recommendation is to replace 
>> both
>> belts ($500), put everything back together, and see if it runs ok...
>> If any additional damage was done that would require the head to be
>> removed, add another $1500.. ouch..


This is a common failure mode of the serpentine belt to take out the 
timing belt.  It has been documented on this list a half-dozen times.  
A good reason not to delay replacing an old belt or tensioner.


Any clues why you didn't hear the starter ?  Non-related failure ? Or 
the belt had the crank jammed so it wouldn't turn ?   Hopefully the 
mech will turn the engine gently by hand checking for any damage before 
changing the belt and"see if it runs ok..."

Tom '95 S6

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