[s-cars] Anyone experimented with larger valves or

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I've been considering / playing with trying a slightly larger valve in the
AAN 20v head.  Has anyone on the Kruemmer list looked at this?  Does anyone
have a source for +1 sized intake valves?

>From the Bentley, the AAN intake is 

  - Stem diameter          6.97mm (0.2744") 
  - Valve maj diam         32.0mm (1.2598")
  - Stem length            95.50mm (3.7589")
  - Seat diam              31.2mm  (1.228")
  - Weight (??)            49 grams, I think Exhasts @ 46 grams
  - "slope"/tulip profile  I'm not sure (yet) but
                           something like 21° to 23º
                           for the intake, but I've heard others describe ?
14º or less 

FWIW, exhaust valve tulips seem more pronounced, and more often described as
in the 27º + range.


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