[s-cars] Re: Supplier of C4 Belly Pan Dzus Fasteners

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu May 20 05:05:31 EDT 2004

Gabriel Caldwell writes:
> > > They are crazy money from the dealer.
> > How much?
> Last time I checked all the required pieces were like $75.

For just the fasteners?  Yowch!  That's incredible.  On my B5 S4 there
are six metal ones, and four plastic ones.  I don't know how many are
on the C4 cars, but I'd imagine it to be par, which works out to
be around $7.50 a piece.  That would be quite unreasonable.

I had to buy one of the special torx head bolts that secures the
headlight housing to the core support on my S4 (dropped one into the
unreachable chasms in the engine bay), but those turned out to be
around $1.50 a piece at the dealer, which isn't "cheap" for what it is,
but not too bad.

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