[s-cars] Re: Supplier of C4 Belly Pan Dzus Fasteners

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Thu May 20 08:58:49 EDT 2004

At 08:53 AM 5/20/2004, bob.rossato at att.net wrote:

> > Guys, have you thought of using reusable cable ties? since I switched 
> to these I
> > never worry about a loose pan, or lost fastener... and I can reuse the 
> cable
> > ties over and over and keep a couple of spare in the trunk if ever I 
> need a new
> > one.
> >
> > Simple, cheap, and very effective (better than the Dzus fasteners IMHO).
> >
> > /J.
>Sacrilege!  No driving privileges for you for one week!
>Besides, I don't recall if there are any adjacent holes for the front 2 
>fasteners to allow you to loop the cable ties.

Do you actually use some sort of fastener in those two holes?  I thought 
they were there just for some sort of cosmetic purpose.  :-D))  I keep a 
small (100 or so) package of non-reusable ties in my trunk toolbox along 
with a small pair of side cutters to use for quick tie removal.

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