[s-cars] Re: Supplier of C4 Belly Pan Dzus Fasteners

Eric Sanborn eric_audi.ql at mindspring.com
Thu May 20 06:52:25 EDT 2004

Larry C Leung wrote:

>Anyone have a reasonable priced source of these?
>I unfortunately, need the full set.
Have you tried a local automotive fastener house?  You would need at 
least one of each to show them what you are talking about.  When I 
repainted my wife's CRX it had tons of plastic clips for the trim.  Some 
I had to get at the dealer, but many I was able to get through a local 
fastener house.  I have not seen the exact parts you are talking about, 
but I can't imagine Audi created them just for this use.  If they are 
standard Dzus you should be able to get them through a race car parts 
catalog.  My Pegasus catalog (pegasusautoracing.com) has pages of them.

Eric Sanborn
'85 4ktq


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