[s-cars] Re: Supplier of C4 Belly Pan Dzus Fasteners

James Murray (QB/EMC) james.murray at ericsson.com
Thu May 20 14:03:21 EDT 2004

Oh sure... get me paranoid now and give Bob more ammunition... now's about the time someone chimes in with an "uber cool must have" upgrade... and then I'll be getting the eyes-rolling-head-shaking-dirty looks from my better half... ;-)

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I didn't either - until my belly pan came loose at a track day. It was 
otherwise fastened, just the front was loose.


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> Okay, you got me there... I never bother fastening the front... my bad. 
> It's sits in the tabs just fine.
> /James "going to the sit in the corner" Murray.
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> > Guys, have you thought of using reusable cable ties? since I switched to 
> > these I
> > never worry about a loose pan, or lost fastener... and I can reuse the 
> > cable
> > ties over and over and keep a couple of spare in the trunk if ever I 
> > need a new
> > one.
> >
> > Simple, cheap, and very effective (better than the Dzus fasteners IMHO).
> >
> > /J.
> Sacrilege!  No driving privileges for you for one week!
> Besides, I don't recall if there are any adjacent holes for the front 2 
> fasteners to allow you to loop the cable ties.
> Bob
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