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Bill Clancy clancybill at yahoo.com
Sat May 22 14:43:34 EDT 2004

I took measurements....I try to be very accurate.

1 1/2 inches rear
1 3/4 inches front.

ya know... I have a friend with eibachs... his car rides like it has bricks
between where we sit and where the tires meet the ground.
I like the setup that I have.
I am very pleased with what I bought.    The only reason I got them was
because the eibachs were not available.   the sales-chick (ya I know that is
inappropriate) offered the Intrax.   They work great.   It's not a track
racing spring...not something to compete with Jeff Gordon, but for the first
day that I have then my opinion is that they are awesome.   they handle
great, and take bumps better than the stock springs.

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> I noted that you put on Intrax springs. I hadn't seen those for sale
> anywhere. How much do they lower the car? You gonna take some pictures for
> us? I'm staring at my boxes of bilstein and eibach parts, just waiting for
> my chance to install it all.
> -Noah
> -92 S4
> -84 UrQ
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> My S6 is awesome now with new springs and shocks.   no one person
> ;-(
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