[s-cars] Re: Springs

Paul Dooley WeSki at icubed.com
Sat May 22 20:12:01 EDT 2004

So Bill,  

Care to share some part numbers with the list?  I'm in the need for a 
suspension upgrade on my 95 S6 and would like to know exactly what parts 
went into your setup.  The ride sounds great.  I definitely want to 
lower the car and having the ride being a little stiffer than stock but 
not harsh would be perfect.

My wallet has been retrieved from the back yard.  Too bad it's empty.  

Paul Dooley
95 S6 in need of another upgrade.

And I think the HSRSB may be next.  Mercy on me - and my empty wallet.


The Intrax springs are really not that stiff.  I jumped on the rear bumper
to bounce the rear end and they do not appear to be much stiffer than
stock... but they are a little bit stiffer.   I was told 20% stiffer than

My car rides nothing like my friend's 93 S4 with Eibachs and bilsteins.    I
find his to be harsh on bumps and a bit scary on off ramps -- he warned me
one day "hey man, slow down or the ass end will come around and pass us."

so...that's all I can offer for spring info.   These Intrax springs lower
the car about 1.5 inches all around, are a bit stiffer, and offer a very
nice ride on the bumpy roads.   I guess the Konis have something to do with
that too.

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