[s-cars] EMRE: turbo flanges et al.

mlp5 mlped at qwest.net
Sat May 22 23:07:07 EDT 2004

The T3 flange on the GT30 scroll slipped directly on to the SportQuatro
manifold studs.  The issue w/ the SptQEM is with adapting the manifolds 62MM
round, raised ring gas lock (BTW the stock gas lock ring is 56mm in
diameter) to the narrower, but wider rectangular Garrett intake port.  

RE: the waste gate issue, we seem to have mounted the stock UrS4/6 waste
gate directly to the SptQ exhaust manifold without any problems or adapter,
so at least the bolt pattern for mounting the wastegate is, I  think, the
same.  The Sport manifold is out at the machinists shop, or I would double
check it against the ~25mm diameter you cite for the waste gate exhaust
port.  I never measured the port on the SptQ EM.  Putting a caliper on an
old stock EM in the garage, I come up with a stock port size of @ 37.8mm (or
was it 38.7?)  If, as you say, the SptQ EM's wastegate port's 25mm, that,
12.8mm, is a pretty sizeable difference.  But, as i guess Pizzo would say,
you can always cover a bigger hole with a smaller one, but not the other way
around.  :-)


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>From: Ray Tomlinson [mailto:ray at s-cars.org] 
>Further to this discussion, how then would you describe the 
>inlet flange bolt pattern on the Sport Quattro manifold, and 
>why the SQ manifold's use of a  ~25mm wastegate orifice, which 
>is dubiously smaller than the stock/RS2 wastegate orifice?  
>Because of the large volume of the collector, perhaps? Or, 
>does this go more towards the age old size vs. motion 
>argument? (wastegate valve "duration" versus valve "size").  
>We now return to our family programming.

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