[s-cars] Garage Floor Checkers DIY - NAC

Walsh, Edward edward.walsh at agedwards.com
Wed Oct 20 16:32:02 EDT 2004

Joe, I like that.  Vinyl is final.  I'll look into it, thanks.

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Some black and white VCT should do fine.

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 14:39:52 -0500, Walsh, Edward
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> Hi Guys,
> I just re-read the old threads about how to customize a new garage at:
> http://www.audifans.com/pipermail/s-car-list/2003-March/013484.html
> Great Stuff...
> The one thing I missed was advice on the best way to make your floor
> look like you just won the race.  I am looking for a good way to make
> all season checkered garage floor... One that could withstand a little
> environmental abuse (rain, snow, dirt, hot tires, etc) and still look
> the morning.   I've heard everything from a taped-off epoxy-based
> painted design to peel and stick vinyl tiles to some interlocking
> Garage floor is new, no oil stains (yet).
> Anyone out there have any experience they could share?  Sorry Paul,
> you're Belgian beer spill motif is a bit too contemporary...
> Thanks!
> Ed
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