[s-cars] brake failure

Edward Estabrook edwarde at myrealbox.com
Tue Sep 7 18:53:15 EDT 2004

A friend was driving my S6 this afternoon and the brake light came on.  He
kept driving (??) and pretty soon the brake pedal got real hard to press and
the e-brake was required to stop.  Sure enough, out of pentosin.  A liter
later the reservoir was full and eventually the brake pedal became usable
again... just long enough to get it home.

Upon inspection it looks like there is the power stearing pump with hydrolic
hoses attached and an X shaped plug in the top.  As the stearing wheel is
moved left to right I can see a bit of shifting in the two metal pieces
directly behind this X cap (that make up the pump).  And every time it moves
it looks like fluid comes out (and there's fluid all over the engine under
this).  Is this just a matter of changing some gaskets, or is a whole new
pump in order?  At a initial price estimate of $400 I *sure* hope there is
another way.  Any advice appreciated!!!


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