[s-cars] Keeping turbo spooled up

Igor Kessel KBATPO at comcast.net
Mon Sep 13 14:14:43 EDT 2004

chris chambers wrote:
> Fellow S-car nuts,
> During my Scar hose adventure I stopped by Victory Audi/VW in
> Harrisburg PA  (they didn't have a hose). While there I met an
> experienced Audi service Tech (25 years there) by the name of Wes
> Green.
> While talking with him he told me about a method he has employed on
> other UrS4's to keep the turbo spinning so it spools up quicker when
> you hit the gas. It evidently involves some parts off of the newer
> S4's.
> Has anyone heard anything like this? Hopefully he will be emailing me
> some detailed information soon. 

yes, please keep us updated. Wes is extremely knowledgeable indeed and a great guy 
to hang around with. Next time you speak to him tell him that Igor sez "Hello".

Igor Kessel

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