[s-cars] Future PSO/POS and coil replacement alternatives?

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Tue Sep 21 15:41:09 EDT 2004

> I would suggest fabricating a heatsink
> would be a better route. Perhaps you can use some of the vast
> assortment of heatsinks made for Computer CPU's.



Okay, horrible photo, but it gets the point across.  My strategy for
extended life of POS is to a) mount both POS to big heat sink from an
old server, b) relocate POS/sink unit behind the firewall in the "tray",
and c) mount POS/sink unit using rubber to reduce shock and vibration
(haven't done this yet).

Once this is all done, I would be happy to zap the POS with an IR
and compare with other cooling schemes, including 2.7t (got one of those,
and stock.  Since I don't have an IR thermometer yet, I will only be able to

do this as soon as I can borrow one (probably when I finally get to the
I'll report data as I get it.

Jimmy P.

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