[s-cars] who sells a decent car cover these days ?

thomas.pollock at amd.com thomas.pollock at amd.com
Thu Sep 23 09:53:24 EDT 2004

Yo s-gurus....

hey the wife "finally" decided on a car ! Halleluha !!  This is the first
time I ever got sick of looking at cars... 8-)   She started out looking at
A8s, then A6 4.2s then A6 2.7sports and finally chose an bi-s4. Now where
can I get a decent car cover for this thing ?   Anyone ?

Oh and in the FWIW department. At one point desparation had me thinking I
could afford a left over s4. Drove a couple. What a friggin car !  but the
dealers still won't budge much and well, I really can't afford one anyway...
but... after driving all the various examples I'm not ready to give up my
Urs4. Probably not ever !  There, I said it...

thanks in advance,



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