[s-cars] Re: S6 avant owners help and am I asking too much here??

Mike Platt mplatt911 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 25 17:13:00 EDT 2004

Bummer about your car:( Based on the replies I have
seen, some people paid a healthy sum for their avants
recently. I just put mine up for sale and was told I
had a fair asking price on it. Mechanically excellent
and well kept. I am asking $12,500 for a 153k mile
1995.5 avant with a few mods and a great driver. I
bought my avant 3 yrs. ago and paid in the $20k area
for an 84,000 mile car then.

Sitting around Sfest with abeer and bug spray in hand,
Bob Pastore shared his recently totalled avant story
with a select few. It was with a high mileage avant he
totalled. After a few months of haggling with the
insurance, he ended up getting the car back and a fair
price, like $16k or something. I cc'd him and maybe he
can offer you some advice.

Good Luck.

Mike P 
95.5 S6 avant 
86 Shelby GLHS #134
75 911 Carrera targa 
74 914 2.0
99 Ducati ST4

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