[s-cars] Bumper cap fixed, sorta...

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Thu Sep 30 20:01:50 EDT 2004

Hi Riff;

I've removed and installed the bumper by myself many times with few problems
(none that a little creative cussin' couldn't cure anyway).

The biggest problem I've found is that the hydraulic bumper supports rotate
when you mount the bumper and then won't allow the bumper to slide all the
way back. You have to make sure they stay vertical with the threads on top -
I've had them rotate 180 degrees and end up with the threads down (no, I
don't know how it can happen...).

The hydraulic bumper mounts are adjustable for length - one turn moves it 1
mm in or out. From your post it sounds like you installed new mounts -
measure the length of your old ones and adjust the new ones to fit. You have
to make sure the bumper slides all the way back and this means finding and
freeing the areas where it is hanging up (side skirts at front of wheel
wells, bumper mounts rotated, top lip catching on trim, oil cooler duct,


Fred Munro
'94 S4

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Hi ALl-

First off, thanks for the heads up on those hangers (Wow!! a cheap Audi
part, almost as rare as cheap Porsche parts) got mine from the dealer
yesterday, special order.

Anyway, following the TB procedure, the bumpercap came off without a hitch,
parts were swapped, and I figured this would be one of the shortest
(timewise) fixes ever.  Then I tried to put the bumper cap back on......

OK what is the secret handshake needed to get the hex bolt holes to line up
with the bumper cap???  Mine are just plain "off" though I was able to get
one lined up.  The other side won't!!  Are the bumper attachments adjustable
for length??  If rotated, will they move in/out from the body?  The bumper
cap looks like it is one square to the body, but these won't line up.

BTW those of you that can do this as a one man job, I salute you.  I earned
myself a sh!tload of house work by enlisting the aid of my wife to get this
thing on.  Of course the replacement and removal (5 times?) trying to get
these holes lined up did not help.

Any advice?


//S6...Looking better, but still not right.....

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