[s-cars] Re: Was - Original Chips, Now - MPG

Abhijit Kondajji abhijitkondajji at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 10:44:48 EDT 2005

I get about 24 MPG on the highway with intermixed 75 MPH/90 MPH
driving. In the city, my daily work commute is 5 miles one way, in
heavy stop and go traffic and I still get about 20 MPG. The car is on
Mihnea Crack II chipset and is otherwise up to date on maintenance.

When I had a stuck open thermostat, the most I got was 13 MPG and a
severe cold/sniffle from living in an Igloo (maybe it just resembled
one inside).

Adding my 2 Rupees, which is $0.00002......


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Since this fuel thread is turning into a survey, I may as well weigh in.

My car gets somewhere around 10 mpg.

Due to this crazy FMIC project and the winter weather, the S lives in the
garage most of the time.  When it does come out, it is usually only for a
few hours of driving that would make Paul K look like my grandfather.  It
also gets plenty of idling time.  Current status is immobile, but I have

I follow the same course with the Miata, but I can't seem to get less than
20 mpg out of that.  Maybe a chip....?


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