[s-cars] Battery post hot

Bob Frizzell bobfrizzell at shaw.ca
Fri Apr 8 22:48:36 EDT 2005

I'm convinced you are correct. I cleaned the post and terminal well and it
seems to have reduced the heat.  I will now check the crimp.  It's another
example how a simple thing can cause a problem.  My experiences are proving
that this is often the case.  Another example for me was the engine missing
under WOT but idling fine.  This was caused by the insulation on the coil
wires being cracked and the wires shorting out.
Thanks again for your help.
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> Bob;
> Clean the battery post and the inside of the clamp to shiny metal. If the
> post still heats up, check the crimp that connects the post clamp to the
> wire - it may be loose or corroded. The most likely culprit here is
> resistance from corrosion or lead oxides.
> Fred Munro
> '94 S4
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> S-men,
> The positive post on my battery seems to get very hot (you can't keep your
> hand on it).  I've just replaced the alternator but believe it was that
> with the old one as well (it melted the plastic cover a bit).  I have
> a different battery - same result.  Thought the problem would be the
> but changing it to another didn't make a difference.
> Any BTDT?
> Appreciative, as always, of any assistance,
> Bob in spring is finally here, Edmonton
> 93//S4
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