[s-cars] Who's got the loudest exhaust now? Frank!

Postupack, Jeff Jeff.Postupack at analog.com
Tue Apr 12 12:44:29 EDT 2005

This is a funny story about Frank Amoroso.

He's not been active on this list in a while, but I had to share this
report. I exchange email with Frank from time to time and feel I owed
him a favor, for all the contributions that got ME S-car pregnant and
onto said Slippery Slope!

Frank has a beautiful Black/Black S4 RS2 _all done up_ with a Stromung
Gen 2 exhaust. Was pictured in European Car mag a while back. 
Dave Forgie has the issue I am sure! Frank was really involved in the
early BOOM car days of Stromung Gen #1 and #2.

About a YEAR ago, Frank asked me to arrange a Stromung straight pipe
rear section for track purposes.  I hounded Stromung a lot, Frank and I
exchanged lots of email. 
And the owner (Scott) did question the sanity in making a rear pipe,
deleting the resonator and rear muffler.
After convincing Scott that Frank may indeed be crazy, that it's for
Track purposes only, I think?  but just BUILD it.

 and after some Colorado Mafia intimidation (uh... encouragement)
directed at Stromung  to get the job
done and shipped!  It did happen.

Frank took delivery of  a stainless  rear _tube_ to bolt to his cat-less
TEST pipe on or around March 25th.

So whattaya think happened?

Read on and enjoy!

Frank,  you GOTTA take a video and audio clip of this madness!

All the best 
Jeff Posto

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Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, except that it just sounds
just awful upon start-up, idle and part-throttle acceleration (this
being said, the 17 year old Mustang owner just LOVES it).  

On the flip side, it sounds KILLER / otherworldly at WOT / Full-Boost in
the upper rev range.

Anyway, I think I am going to clamp a Supertrapp on there so I can run
with some muffling to / from the track and still go un-corked at the

I gotta take some video of this thing, it is nut-so.

The up-shot is that I should be turning the heads of the Fast & Furious
females now.



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